Orc Sex and Orc Porn 
By "Beastess" of "Porn Craft"

World of Warcraft Parody with World of Warcraft Orcs!

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- The above orc sex porn is mearly a parody of 'World of Warcraft' created by "Beastess"
of Porn Craft and is not directly related to the real 'World of Warcraft' online game.

WARNING: The following orc sex porn story, written by Kevin Williams, takes place in a fantasy world and contains violent orc porn.

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Returning to his tent, Garruk-Kal-Tammux was in high spirits, the Elves in Thezzerkazzo had done their work, and all that remained was how to dispose of them. As he shed the few garments he had on and dropped onto the ground, he was pleased to find the naked form of Dofsukel there, still waiting for him.
"Yer 'appy," she began, running one thick hand over Tammux's muscular abdomen. "Just what didja 'ave ta see so badly dat ya left me 'ere all 'ot 'n bothered?" Her musky scent had filled the tent in his absence, and his cock hardened in the darkness.
"Just watchin' a plan come t'gether, Dof," Tammux reached out as well, finding one of her thick nipples and tweaking it lightly.
"Den get on top o' me and lets come t'gether ourselves.." She reached down and took hold of his thick green tube and guided it into her waiting pussy. After a few long days on the road, she wanted more than anything to feel this Orc inside her. Her superior put her legs over his shoulders and told her to hang on.
Tammux decided to show her what he could do, and began by fucking her hard, but keeping her close. He felt the nub of her clitoris rubbing against him, and went faster and faster as Dofsukel writhed beneath him. Quickly she was barking and coming around him and he let her climax all she wanted. He had something else in mind.
"You.. you're not done yet?" she asked, gasping for air and sweating in the darkness.
"Oi want somet'in' else, Dof," he replied, moving his fat cock down to the crevice of her ass.
"NO!" was her answer, pushing him away. Tammux was confused and backed away with his arms out wide as she curled up at the edge of the bedroll with her knees pulled up to her face and her arms around her legs.
"Only one Orc ever 'ad me dere," she began, glaring at him over her knees, "and you know whut Oi did to 'im."
Tammux memory was jogged by this, and recalled that she had lopped Zokkul's head during the assault on Sutton's Corners for his mistreatment of her for over a year.
"Yer not gonna hack of me 'ead 'coz I want yer ass, are ya?"
"Zokkul moight a' only been one rank above me, but ain't no way I'm gonna let yew pull that on me, even if yew is da boss Orc."
Tammux sat back, and crossed his arms, searching for the words he would use.
"Dof," he began, "whutcha want me ta say? Dat I won't fuck ya inna ass after fuckin' ya inna ass? Oi'm da friggin' 'ead Orc on da bloody Continent, Oi'm kickin' da shit outta 'Oomans, Elves, an Dwarves, 'eck, Oi'll be lordin' it over da whole known world by da time da leaves turn and YEW won't let me 'ave a little fun?"
"Dat's roight." Dofsukel had thought Tammux was special, that he actually liked her; but after declaring his desire to sodomize her, she felt cheated and used.
"Fine. Get outta me tent."
"Yew 'eard me, get out. Grab yer shit an' bunk wit someone else. I'll find annuva bitch ta poke."
Tears almost came to Dofsukel's eyes. She'd put up with him fucking every female he came across because he was, in truth, the most powerful Orc in the world, and now she would lose him. She did not want to go back to the ranks, to let her troops think she had been just another conquest by Tammux, and decided to do something she swore she would never let happen again
Dofsukel turned and got on all fours, her hindquarters in the air and her head on the ground. Tammux could see the tattoos Zokkul had branded her with, the tracery of ink around the puckered nut of her asshole. He allowed himself a low chuckled before working up the large gob of spit he allowed to fall from his lips and onto her backside.
With his thick index finger, he worked the saliva into her hole, feeling how tight she was there even though she was making it easy for her, and he could hardly wait to see how her bottom felt around him.
When he was done lubricating her backdoor, he got behind her and put his meat to her anus; without a word, he pushed hard and almost had to fight just to get the head of his cock inside.
"'Oly shit, Dof," he remarked with a wide grin on his face, putting both hands on her hips, "ol' Zok really did ya up."
Dofsukel winced as Tammux pushed in further, he was bigger than Zokkul and apparently much less experienced in this way of sex. She pushed back, just to get him in all the way and force her body to adjust to him, but all the while, the sound of Zokkul's laughter was all she could think of, and the way this officer's hands held her the way the other's had.
Tammux let out a loud groan once he was in all the way. She was to tight around him, so hot, so good; he was worried he wouldn't last long. After less than five minutes, his worries proved true and he pumped load after load into Dofsukel's wonderfully tight behind. All he could do was hold her there with his meat in as far as it would go, forcing his come out of his cock and into her bowels. The thick fluid began to build up inside her rectum and when Tammux would not pull out, it began to find places to go. Dofsukel felt his sperm oozing into her innards despite her wishes, and since neither of them had had any release in the last few days, she could only guess how much he would pump into her, and how long it would take to pass back out.
But Tammux had other plans. He pulled her down sideways and spooned her, holding her tightly with his thick arms. Her commander had decided to go to sleep with his fat cock plugging her ass and forcing her to put up with the feeling of his meat and come there all night.
But this time, there would be no vengeance. She could not just kill him for this, but she could not live with the idea of Tammux treating her the way Zokkul had. She curled up as best she could and did her best to bottle up her feelings.

(This orc porn story does not take place in the world of warcraft universe nor the world of warcraft online game.)